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Welcome to Wydman & Associates: Staffing Excellence

  • When you need to hire those special people who can make a difference in your company, or when you need to find a quality organization as your next employer, Wydman & Associates can assist you.

    Our unique approach to recruiting makes the difference because people are your company's competitive edge and power your business into the future.

    Successful companies understand that you don't need more people — just the right people — at the right time.

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Our Unique Vision

  • Wydman & Associates was created to bring a more substantiative, personal and deliberate process to the staffing function for clients — and a more controlled, career-minded approach for candidates. Everyday, we:

    • Operate with integrity, providing quality services clients and candidates should expect.
    • Provide a broad menu of offerings ensuring clients receive cost-effective, value-added services.
    • Are a committed partner helping clients hire the best candidates who will drive their business forward.
    • Innovate and avoid the pervasive "Throw it against the wall hoping something will stick" approach.
    • Strive to ensure the best possible fit for candidates and clients.

    We are a unique recruiting firm dedicated to exceeding all expectations, everyday.

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Functions and Industries We Serve

  • We work with our clients to find exceptional talent in the following functions and industries:
    • Functions
      • Executive
      • Sales & Marketing
      • Manufacturing
      • Engineering
      • Operations Management
      • Accounting & Finance
      • Human Resources
    • Industries
      • Biotechnology
      • Clinical Diagnostics
      • Commercial Real Estate
      • Drug Discovery / Disease Research
      • Environmental / Biological / Clinical Testing
      • Telecommunications
      • Technology & Electronics Manufacturing

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Quotes from Clients and Candidates

  • Clients

    Wydman & Associates has done a wonderful job of assisting me with hiring qualified, motivated employees. I can rely on them to follow my initial guidance and seek out talented candidates for my final screening. I am very satisfied with the long-term performance of each candidate brought forward by Wydman & Associates.
    Bill Burnham, Sales Manager
  • Candidates

    I have worked with numerous recruiters in the past and have found Wydman & Associates to be the best. Not only will they find a job that best suits you, but you will have a pleasant experience working with them. They are honest, thorough, professional and leaders in the industry. I highly recommend their services to both individuals and companies.
    — Tara Stimaker, Sales Representative

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