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Our Vision

How We Want to Be Seen

Wydman & Associates, Inc., was created with the intent of bringing a more substantiative, personal, and deliberate process to the staffing function. A process that would be of added value to our clients, and provide a more controlled, career-minded approach with our candidates. To that end, we want to  be seen as:

  •  A firm who distances itself from the "Throw it against the wall hoping that something will stick" approach that is prevalent in the recruiting industry.
  •  A Company who operates with integrity, providing the quality of services that clients and candidates should expect.
  •  A firm who offers a broad menu of services to our client base, so they receive a cost-effective, value added benefit for the money they pay for our services
  •  A business partner who is committed to helping our clients hire the best candidates who can significantly contribute to the success of their business.
  •  A recruiting firm who makes every effort to ensure a good fit for our candidates and our clients.

In summary, we want to be seen as a recruiting firm who is clearly uncommon and exceeds the expectations of those we work with and those we work for!


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