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Why Us?

When you need to hire those few people who can make a difference in your company, or when you need to find a quality organization as your next employer, Wydman & Associates, Inc. can assist you. Our unique approach to recruiting can make that difference, because people are your company's competitive edge and power your business into the future. Successful companies understand that you don't need more people...just the right the right time!



Current Opportunities

Are you interested in seeing some of the positions we are currently recruiting? Click below to see positions where we are searching for talented individuals.


Our Services

Search Campaign Initiation
Our search campaigns include recruiting, contacting referral sources, and targeted advertising. These processes produce a comprehensive list of candidates. Wydman & Associates, Inc. absorbs the cost of advertising.MORE »

Interviews and Evaluation
Wydman & Associates, Inc. personally interviews each candidate, face to face, before they are referred to the client. Since our organization recruits nationally, this would include candidates who are located outside our headquartered office in Richardson, TX. MORE »

Detailed Assessment
Wydman & Associates Inc. will perform a detailed assessment to gain a clear understanding of the job requirements, requisite skill sets and objectives you have established for the search. MORE »

Complete Reference Checks
Wydman & Associates Inc. conducts complete reference checks for all final candidates. This check incorporates discussions with supervisors, subordinates, peers, and verification of academic credentials. MORE »

Wydman & Associates provides several fee and guarantee options to suit our client’s specific needs. MORE .

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